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The park is like a link between several residential blocks of the Dynamo district spreading from Leningradsky Avenue to the reconstructed “Dynamo” stadium, Arena Plaza district and the designed “Dynamo” Sports Academy.

Today we have a chance to give back territory its original unique function of being a sports park, to make it friendly, animated and safe. The 8-hectare green park will provide the residents with tranquility and protection against noise and turmoil separating the residential district from the stadium with its intensive event program.

The renovated park which of one of the jewels of the Dynamo district will become a true attraction place of Moscow.

The historical park area will be preserved and landscaped. There will be walking, bicycle and roller trails, playgrounds for children, space for games and athletics and many other options for rest and activities. The center of Moscow currently almost has no place where people could take a break from the city rush near home or office and spend time with family of friends in the open air. Everyone here will find himself a favorite activity: children could do sports and spend time with benefit combining games and education; teenagers will be able to enjoy different sports playgrounds territory for self-development and expression; business people could leave their offices and continue work outdoor to take a look from a different angle; sports lovers would be able to train outdoor and simply enjoy fresh air.

The territory of the “Dynamo” Sports Park will also include a modern Sports Training Complex for 62800 thousand sq. m. with two hockey rinks, halls for combat sports, squash, game sports, fencing, and a medical rehabilitation center. In addition, there will also be outdoor tennis courts in the park, sports schools for children and adults and a state-of-the-art fitness center.